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I’m Katie- the creative planner, writer, busy brain, holistic warrior woman and movement goddess behind Authentic Yogi.
I am here to serve you. I offer authentic, raw and relatable healing services and products. Please browse the page, ask questions and settle into a space of intentional and authentic yogi love.
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Make Way…

I have finally worked the motivation to share about the beginning of my pregnancy journey. We are stepping into month 4 and so many things are unraveling…. Enjoy 🙂 The Discovery Two months ago I found out I am pregnant! At first I was stunned. Right off the bat I will tell you that this was not … Continue reading Make Way…

Lessons in Nature

With December upon us, the inevitable makes it way: Winter. Despite current fluctuations in temperature and weather patterns, this season calls in an energy of hibernation, letting go of the old and creating comfort and nourishment. If you listen, you will hear its cries- trading in tank-tops for sweaters, turning on the heat or fireplace, … Continue reading Lessons in Nature

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